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Artist Statement

My experiences in movement practices, both in dance and martial arts, shape my work. In my paintings, I present women’s bodies in a deconstructed, dynamic, and expressive manner. I find release, control, and connection to myself through movement. Contradictory to historical preconceptions of how women should submissively behave, I use bold line, forceful gesture, and jarring color combinations to counteract these presumptions and portray strength. Bodies are universal vehicles of expression, yet are infinitely unique in the ways each inner self projects through the bodily structures, acting as vessels for our true selves. The figures in my paintings exemplify the rejection of historical conventions, and proclaim directiveness, confidence, and strength through gesture.


Power is an intangible energy our Western society has rules as to how it is presented, accepted, and challenged. Women historically materialize in media not as themselves, but through the lens of men as caricatures of who they should be. As a little girl, I observed my “predestined” role of being a dainty, pretty, and passive feminine individual being laid out in front of me; there wasn’t room for power or strength in these presented rules. I paint to challenge these limiting directives.



These paintings are inspired by cubists and abstract expressionists through paint application to create the sense of dynamic, abstracted figures existing in a color field of space. These paintings challenge the bravado, male-dominated work made at that time. Abstract painters from that time showed off their masculinity and power in their work. I pull from their techniques to present a fresh, opposition through my own narrative as a woman. The vibrant imagery sits on heavy, large, and sturdy panels, acting just as the bodies painted on them do in the act of not being afraid of taking up their space. The women in my work act to defy their traditional submissive, one-dimensional roles by expressing roaring, bold energy through their bodies.

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